Fees & Services

QDRO Preparation Fees (All States) Effective January 1, 2017

Each QDRO (all types of retirement plans, less than three months after divorce)   $500
Each QDRO (three months after the divorce, but before one year)   $600
Each QDRO (after one year, but before two years)   $700
Each QDRO (after two years - amount based on work hours required)   $800-$1,000 

Prepayment of fee(s) is required.  No QDRO work will begin 
until your check or online payment has been received.  
Once QDRO preparation is underway, prepaid fees 

will not be refunded.

Covered Services

The above fee includes the following services:

  • Initial and subsequent phone consultations, as required, with you and/or your attorney
  • Submission of a draft QDRO to the plan administrator for review
  • Regular updates (at least monthly) on the status of your QDRO (The QDRO process typically takes two to four months for completion and, in some cases, may be significantly longer.)
  • Consultations with the plan administrator to pre-approve the QDRO
  • Any revisions requested by the plan administrator
  • Submission of the QDRO to the judge for signature – NH courts only. State courts outside of NH by arrangement with McHenry QDRO (Additional fee may apply).
  • Following court approval and the return by you or your attorney of the court certified QDRO to McHenry QDRO, the facilitation of the division of the retirement
    benefits by the plan administrator (Please note that the parties and/or their attorneys will be responsible for submitting government and/or military court orders to the appropriate agency for processing.)

Non-Covered Services

The following services are not included and will incur additional fees:

  • Agreements Filed with the Court to Correct Some Aspect of the Divorce - $100
  • One QDRO Used to Divide More than Two Defined Contribution Plans - $100 for each additional plan to be divided, using the same QDRO
  • Failure to Provide Me with a Court-Certified Copy of the QDRO for Processing
    Within 30 Days of the Judge’s Signature (Courts do not return QDROs to me directly.) My services will be withdrawn automatically. A fee will be required to research an
    archived file and send the QDRO for processing. In my experience, this step has been
    omitted frequently, and many QDROs have become null and void because they were never submitted to the Plan Administrators.

Prepayment of Fees

To pay by check, mail full payment, along with your completed application, to:

Bonne A. McHenry 
McHenry QDRO Consulting, LLC 
762 Greenfield Road 
Peterborough, NH 03458-2245

To pay online, by credit card:

Click here (processing fee applies).

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