McHenry QDRO Consulting offers expert QDRO outsourcing services to divorce attorneys and mediators, as well as retirement plan administrators.

Divorce attorneys/mediators

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You can rely on McHenry QDRO Consulting to draft QDRO documents correctly and promptly for your clients, and obtain pre-approval by the plan administrator.  We will be pleased to work with you, or directly with your clients, in the QDRO process.  Just complete and mail the application form on this site (or direct your client to do so), along with prepayment of our fee, either by check or credit card (online).  

Retirement plan administrators

McHenry QDRO Consulting can assist you in three important areas:

  • Establishing and documenting your QDRO administrative procedures;
  • Drafting a plan-specific QDRO template; and
  • Evaluating a QDRO to determine if it is qualified.

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